Motherless Mother’s Day

imageMother’s Day can be tough for all of us “Motherless Mamas” out there… Don’t get me wrong, Mother’s Day is still very special – possibly even more when we learn to parent without the support and guidance we grew up anticipating.

Being a Motherless Mother is a Badge of Honor you wear against your will. It’s engraved with longing all over your Heart. It’s a little voice that whispers in our ears just a bit louder to remind us our children will never know what it’s like to spend a “Weekend at Grandma’s”… It means Grandma never got to send our kids home hopped up on Sugar or Spoil them with everything they aren’t supposed to have; no nostalgic stories about how silly or sassy you were at that age… We never get to have those arguments over provocative dolls, toy guns and missed bedtimes. We feel terribly robbed for ourselves and our kids. What some of us wouldn’t give to know what it’s like to meet Mom for lunch with the lil ones and stroll through the mall. We see you guys at Parks and Schools. We fight back a tiny twinge of jealousy almost everyday.

Life isn’t fair and you play the hand you’re dealt as best you can! You Justify that empty part of your life by filling it with Gratitude. Gratitude for everything you still have, for health, for food and clothes, for the roof over your heads and the bedding we tuck in tight – because it’s the closest thing to a comforting hug when you need to hear from “Mom…”

We find substitutes in Aunts, Friends and trusted Elders wherever we can. If we’re Lucky, we have been given the Gift of a Step-Mom, in my case a step Mother-in-Law (one who works double duty to make sure you know you’re Wonderful, Loved and Honored all of the time.) For this; I say Thank You to the second Mom God gave me. Thank you for Loving us all like your own. Thank you for keeping me in your Heart always and creating wonderful memories for our girls – memories they otherwise wouldn’t have.

For every Mom (and ESPECIALLY to my fellow Motherless Mamas) I wish you the very best out of your day! Those sweet little eyes that look up at you first thing in the morning and last at night… You’re not just “Mom” – you ARE their Universe!

Regardless of your wounds – fresh and old – take a moment to let the morning sun kiss your face with a Heavenly reminder of just how Magnificent you are!!!

Happy Mother’s Day ~