About Meg

IMG_5055Self-Proclaimed Mommy Extraordinaire, I am California native turned homemaker in Tucson, Arizona. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful little girls. In my search to find a feeling of importance and meaning, I wanted to find a way to connect all of the Moms and children in my community. I created a website http://www.Meetup.com/ContinentalMommies (which grew like a wildfire) and resulted in a handful of interlinked Groups on Facebook. I really find purpose in bringing people together and sharing thoughts, ideas and advice among each other. Last year I was elated to be accepted to the PTF board of my child’s school. “Hospitality Coordinator” really feeds my inner yearning to transform into “Desperate Housewife’s” (Bree) even when my outer persona is a bit more “Roseanne” with pearls and an apron.

I am known for shooting straight from the hip! My old persona was one of controversy and jaw dropping commentary.  In my journey of finding Joy and Happiness in everyday life I am forever practicing the art of making genuine friends – and trying not to be a total douche when the occasional bitch gets past quality control. My newest quest is learning how to remain my honest and direct self in most compassionate and comedic of ways possible while surviving the woes of Motherhood and Mommy-life!

My two little girls are growing up fast so my general rule of thumb is to make sure I’m not the one throwing sand in the sandbox (even if I do keep a shovel in the trunk…)

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